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The changing face of Associations

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Celebrate World Quality Month

What is going on during World Quality Month (WQM)? ASQ put together a Celebration Guide to help those looking for different ways of celebrating World Quality Mont more



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  • Omowunmi Olajide

    Dec. 6th CSQE Certification Study Group

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    Hello All, I am preparing to take the CSQE certification exam at the next exam date - 12/6/14 - and I was hoping I could find others that are equally preparing for the exam to be my study partner(s) Please contact me via

  • Rayaprolu Subrahmanyam

    RE: Certified Pharma GMP Professional (CPGP) study...

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    HI James, Greetings for the Day!!! Happy to share and I would like to be a part this group for the virtual study. I am from India and my prime language is English. This December I am going to sit for ASQ - CQA and would like to take CPGP by...

  • James Shore


    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    you as well


Ford and Suppliers Jointly Benchmark Competitors' Vehicles

Copyright 2014 Crain Communications All Rights Reserved Ford Motor Co. is inviting key suppliers to help benchmark other companies' vehicles and parts up to 40 months before Ford rolls out new models—a strategy that is starting to pay dividends. Hau Thai-Tang, Ford's group vice president of global purchasing, says the automaker has performed its new benchmarking program twice over the past year for the company's next-generation Fiesta and Focus. For each benchmarking exercise, Ford selects a

Doctor-Rating Site Delves Deeper

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company Inc. All Rights Reserved. The first comprehensive physician rating and comparison database launches Monday in time for open enrollment on federal and state health exchanges, as well as many employer-provided plans. The revamped uses about 500 million claims from federal and private sources and patient reviews to rate and rank doctors based on their experience, complication rates at the hospitals where they practice and patient satisfaction. The new way to find the

U.S. Lawmakers Push for Wider Recall of Airbags

Copyright 2014 International Herald Tribune All Rights Reserved The United States Congress has increased pressure on the Japanese auto supplier Takata and federal safety regulators as two Democratic senators demanded wider recalls to fix millions of defective airbags and a House committee has said it wants a fuller accounting of how the recalls were handled. In the draft of a sternly worded letter expected to be sent on Thursday, the two senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut


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Six Sigma Optimization of Mystery Shopping using hypothetical data

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In connection to the next re-ublication of ISO 9001 standard, it is very impportant to discuss the...

David Celata

In ASQ's new open-access publication “Integrating Social Responsibility into Business Strategy: A...