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    David Harry

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    Kyle Sasahara

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  • Duke Okes

    RE: CQT to CQE Progression?

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    That's the way I did it, although it was (gasp!) almost 40 years ago. It likely depends on how much overlap there is of the two certs, and how much experience you have with each BOK.

  • photo not available

    CQT to CQE Progression?

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    I have worked on the design side for 20+ years but will be transitioning to a Quality role and would like to acheive CQE certification in the process of enhancing my knowledge. I'm wondering if it makes any sense to start with CQT as a way to get...

  • photo not available

    RE: Sample Screening and Test of Bulk Upon Arri...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    My first question would be, "How do I know that the lot I tested is the lot the supplier delivered"? Is there some rapid screening that I can perform that will answer that question? Other questions / alternatives might be to conduct audits at...


Foxconn to Boost the Use of Robots

Foxconn Technology Group plans to use more robots for its various manufacturing operations as part of its efforts to replace "dangerous, boring and repeated" work, which has often been blamed for the series of suicides at its various facilities in recent years. The company will shift from mass production to lean production in the future and consider manufacturing on an order-on-order basis by upgrading its production lines and using more robots, its Chairman Terry Gou

Scandal Hits Papa John's, BK, Starbucks

They stop using suspect meat from Shanghai company The Chinese meat scandal expanded to three new major fast-food brands and one new nation on Tuesday, and more are expected to join the embarrassing fray. Burger King, Starbucks and Papa John's all said they, too, have stopped using meat from the suspect supplier. In Japan, McDonald's confirmed some Chicken McNuggets were made with meat from the supplier, Husi Food. At issue: A warning signal is flashing

Six Sigma for College

Gallup findings could lead to era of continuous improvement in higher education Higher education researchers spend a lot of time studying everything in the universe. But when it comes to measuring the educational experience they provide, these institutions fall short, according to Gallup Business Journal . So the Gallup-Purdue Index studied more than 30,000 college graduates to figure out what elements of college were associated with long-term measures of success. The study identified six elements, three


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Jack Bogle

Free CAPA Software Tools

Posted in: Ask A Quality Professional

I am pleased to share QMSCAPA v1.9.11. The following list summarizes accumulated improvements and...

Motselisi Mosiana

I have attached how I have defined and scope the project and also provided historical data