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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt Redesign

ASQ strives to continuously improve its products and services by acting on customer and member feedback—a recent example being the redesign of ASQ’s Lean Six Sigma program. The overall design of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training... more

Latest Blog from Bill Troy, ASQ CEO

Read Bill's latest blog "Do You Have a Clear Vision" in A View from the Q. more



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  • Duke Okes

    RE: How beneficial is a Masters degree in quali...

    Posted in: Education Division...

    One of the major benefits of a masters degree, regardless of the topic, is improving cognitive/conceptual skills that are so critical in knowledge work.

  • Terry Mccann

    RE: Question Regarding Customer Complaints and Incident...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    I am not familiar with TL9000 but would you not say that the inability to respond to the customer's request for information amounts to "An unplanned interruption to a communication service or reduction in the quality of service?" I would think it is....

  • David Davis

    RE: How beneficial is a Masters degree in quali...

    Posted in: Education Division...

    Mackenzie, Thank you for stopping by the discussion boards. In my personal experience, a graduate degree (broadly speaking) can be very helpful. In fact, in my current line of work (management and technical contracting/ consulting), applicants with...


Toyota Recalls 780K Tacoma Pickup Trucks

Copyright 2014 Provided by Syndigate Media Inc. ( All Rights Reserved U.S. automaker Toyota recalled 790,000 Tacoma pickup trucks from the 2005-11 model years worldwide, including about 690,000 in the United States. This huge recall was vital for Toyota as a back suspension part within this model was credible to break and possibly damage the gas tank or break line. The automaker cleared out the predicament its facing, where it affirmed in a press

U.S. Safety Agency to Probe Toyota Corolla Acceleration Complaints

Copyright 2014 Kyodo News Service All Rights Reserved A U.S. safety agency said Monday it has received 163 complaints involving spontaneous acceleration by Toyota Motor Corp.'s Corolla models traveling at low speed or from a stationary position. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) inquiry covers about 1.69 million Corolla cars with model years from 2006 to 2010 and with ETCS-i electronic throttle control system. The administration said there has been a report of one crash

Study Calls for Increase in Risk Management, Insurance Education Programs Worldwide

Copyright 2014 OnlyStrategic Insurancenewslink All Rights Reserved The Collegiate Education in Risk Management and Insurance Globally: Past, Present and Future study, which has been published collaboratively by the International Insurance Society (IIS) and St. John's University's School of Risk Management (SRM), calls for a need to broaden accessibility and increase the quality of risk management and insurance (RMI) education programs worldwide. The report, authored by Dr. W. Jean Kwon of the SRM, provides a comprehensive


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Raymond Crawford

Results of the 2013 survey for each division and section.

M Somanathan

Method of Identifying Latent Human Errors

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Society for Aerospace Quality & Reliability-Quarterly Newsletter-June 2014