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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is aimed at those new to the world of Six Sigma who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. Yellow belts can be entry level employees that seek to improve their world or executive... more

The changing face of Associations

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  1. Geetha Balagopal
    Geetha Balagopal

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    Luis Monroy

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    Soumyakant Padhee

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  • Beverly Daniels

    RE: Cpk and Ppk Samplings

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    You are using Cpk as a measure of short term variation (using the within subgroup variation only) and you are using Ppk as a measure of long term variation (using the variation of all of the measurements). For your 'special' 30 first article parts...

  • photo not available

    Cpk and Ppk Samplings

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Hello everyone. I am reviewing the use of Cpk in First Articles and am running into some questions I need to ask experienced individuals about. Cpk calculates deviations within sub groups, while Ppk calculates deviations from the overall average. ...

  • Yahia Mansour

    RE: Anybody studying for the CSSBB certification...

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    I am now certified lean six sigma black b


The Teen-Proof Car

Copyright 2015 MGN Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Parents can set the top speed and even turn down the stereo

Teenaged racers could soon be tamed when driving their parents' cars thanks to software that lets mums and dads spy on them. A maximum speed and volume on the sound system can be set with Chevrolet's Teen Driver.

The technology also provides reports of a motorist's performance and includes the number of times safety

Experimental Ebola Vaccine Effective in Monkeys

Copyright 2015 MENAFN.COM All Rights Reserved

An experimental Ebola vaccine has been shown to effectively protect monkeys against the often-deadly virus, according to a recently published study. The new medicine, described in the journal Science, is what is known as a "whole virus" vaccine. This means it is based on a non-active form of the entire virus instead of just fragments, and is more likely to trigger a broad immune response.

"The new vaccine differs

Recalls Issued For Frozen Spinach

Copyright 2015 The Bismarck Tribune, a division of Lee Enterprises All Rights Reserved

Three organic food companies that use spinach in their food have recalled hundreds of thousands of items over listeria concerns.

Organic food company Amy's Kitchen has voluntarily recalled about 74,000 cases of frozen and prepackaged products containing spinach.

It comes after one of Amy's suppliers issued a recall notice saying the Petaluma-based company may have received organic spinach possibly tainted with the


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photo not available

Currently Partnering with a "Top 5 Global Paper Industry", Seeking Excellent Quality Managers in Mt.Olive...

Jack Bogle

The ABCI Consultants Excel sheet calculates shipping and determines Early, On-time and Late shipments....

Jack Bogle

QMSCAPA™ stands for Quality Management System, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA). However,...