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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is aimed at those new to the world of Six Sigma who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. Yellow belts can be entry level employees that seek to improve their world or executive... more

The changing face of Associations

Read Bill Troy's new blog in more


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    Marita Hartford

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  2. Lauren McCool
    Lauren McCool

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  3. Justice Simpson
    Justice Simpson

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  4. Georgios Zampetas
    Georgios Zampetas

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    David Harry

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  • Wilmi Vizcaino

    RE: How do you feel for the upcoming CQE exam (...

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing you notes, this is a very interesting compilation.

  • Stephanie Thompson

    RE: How do you feel for the upcoming CQE exam (...

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    I have attached a couple of documents that may be helpful. Good luck to you!

  • photo not available

    RE: QA Department independance and auditing

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    All highly regulated industries require independence of the auditor from the audited function. I have worked with customers in the following fields and all have this requirement: bipharmaceutal nuclear aircraft manufacture DOE DOD automotive ...


Uber Self-Driving Car Spotted in Pittsburgh

The sedan has "Uber Advanced Technologies Center" written on the doors, so Uber isn't trying to hide Copyright 2015 Ziff Davis Media Inc. All Rights Reserved Uber isn't wasting any time with its self-driving car effort. The Pittsburgh Business Times spotted one of the app-based car service's first autonomous vehicles on the road this week. The sedan has "Uber Advanced Technologies Center" written on the doors, not to mention a bunch of equipment on the roof, so

Despite Superbug Warnings Years Ago, FDA Mum Until Now

Health officials in Fla. pointed out risks in 2009 Copyright 2015 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved State and federal health officials privately urged the Food and Drug Administration nearly six years ago to alert hospitals about contamination risks from specialized medical scopes that have been tied to a recent series of deadly superbug outbreaks. The appeal in 2009 came after duodenoscopes were linked to drug-resistant infections in dozens of Florida hospital patients, including 15 who

Digital Record Rules May Ease

HHS offers doctors more time to convert to electronic systems Copyright 2015 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Government regulators are backing down from many of their toughest requirements for doctors' and hospitals' use of digital medical records, just as Congress is stepping up its oversight of issues with the costly technology. Under Obamacare, doctors and hospitals are being pushed to switch from paper to electronic records or be penalized. Electronic health records are supposed to make


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Stephanie Thompson

CQE Questions and questions turned into notes... may be helpful in the statistics portion! Good...

Shelly Ogiste