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The changing face of Associations

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Celebrate World Quality Month

What is going on during World Quality Month (WQM)? ASQ put together a Celebration Guide to help those looking for different ways of celebrating World Quality Mont more



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  • Curt Olden

    RE: ISO 9001-2008 certified. Need to get auditing...

    Posted in: AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001...

    One should always keep a chronological record of experience, like an OJT log. Employers will often not allow copies of certificates, claiming that they are company property; however if your name is on a certificate you should be allowed a co

  • photo not available

    RE: Job Opportunity - Hayward, CA - Director of...

    Posted in: Young Quality Professionals...

    I apologize but I have a few edits to the below ad. "shop shop" should be "job shop" How to apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Please use the following subject line: Re: Director of Quality...


    Special Process Validation In PCBA's Manufactur...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Hi, As per the AS9100 standard requirement any one discuss about Validation of Special Process. if any records of the special processes followed by outsource suppliers. Thanks in advance.


Telemedicine, Digital Health Vital to Med Industry’s Transition Into the Future

Copyright 2014 Questex Media Group LLC All Rights Reserved Home visits, telemedicine and digital health all will be ubiquitous as healthcare reform continues to take hold, according to University of Pennsylvania-based health economist Ezekiel Emanuel. Emanuel, who served as a keynote speaker at the New York eHealth Collaborative's Digital Health Conference on Tuesday, predicted that 1,000 acute care hospitals will close as a result of the Affordable Care Act, according toMedCity News. To that end,

Takata Official Apologizes for Exploding Airbags

Copyright 2014 Toronto Star Newspapers, Ltd. All Rights Reserved The global quality chief of Takata Corp. apologized and an official from Honda acknowledged the automaker broke a disclosure law as a Senate committee put the spotlight on a growing problem with exploding airbags. Hiroshi Shimizu, Takata's senior vice-president of quality, said the Japanese parts supplier is "deeply sorry and anguished" about each instance when its airbag inflators didn't perform as designed. The airbags have been blamed

Takata Air Bag Victims Looked Like They Had Been Shot or Stabbed

Copyright 2014 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved When police got to the scene of a minor car accident in Alhambra, California in September 2013, they thought the driver, Hai Ming Xu, had been shot in the face. A similar conclusion was reached by Orlando police responding to an accident a year later—they believed that the driver, Hien Thi Tran, had been the victim of a stabbing that might have caused the accident. But what allegedly killed


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Vitaly Ogvozdin

Model of quality assurance

Vitaly Ogvozdin

Drawing: Process of company-wide quality control

Vitaly Ogvozdin

Terminology - What is Quality / Что такое качество