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The changing face of Associations

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Celebrate World Quality Month

What is going on during World Quality Month (WQM)? ASQ put together a Celebration Guide to help those looking for different ways of celebrating World Quality Mont more



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  • Duke Okes

    RE: organization's values and strategic directi...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    - Communicate them as part of leadership communications - Use them as part of deploying strategy & objectives across and downward in the organization - Reinforce them as part of day-to-day decision making - Embed them in audits and performance...

  • Vitaly Ogvozdin

    RE: organization's values and strategic directi...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Hi, I think that the Organization must be easily accessible to staff information about the Organization's strategy and about the Policy in field of quality and knowledge of strategy and policy must be verified by internal audit of quality system Regards. ------Original...

  • photo not available

    organization's values and strategic direction

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Dear all, How leaders ensure that employees fully understand the organization's values and strategic direction? Regar


U.S. Lawmakers Consider Ban of Vehicles Not Repaired Under Recalls

Copyright 2014 IHS Global Insight All Rights Reserved With the number of recalls at an all-time high, reports indicate that US lawmakers are considering a proposal which could bar the registration of vehicles with outstanding recalls that have not been performed. reports that automakers have difficulty ensuring 75% to 80% of recalled vehicles are repaired, a problem that is more difficult the older the vehicle gets. The report quotes a Honda executive vice-president, Rich

Japan Seeks Swifter Repair of Faulty Takata Airbags

10 automakers ordered to step up efforts to notify owners and fix vehicles Copyright 2014 International Herald Tribune All Rights Reserved Japanese safety regulators said on Tuesday that they had ordered automakers to move more quickly to repair defective airbags made by the Takata Corporation, saying that nearly half of the more than two million vehicles recalled in Japan were still being driven. The Transport Ministry said it had ordered 10 domestic and foreign automakers

Automakers Chip Away at Cyberthreats

Copyright 2014 Virginian-Pilot Companies LLC All Rights Reserved Against the team of hackers, the poor car stood no chance. Meticulously overwhelming its computer networks, the hackers showed that—given time—they would be able to pop the trunk and start the windshield wipers, cut the brakes or lock them up, and even kill the engine. Their motives were not malicious. These hackers worked on behalf of the U.S. military, which along with the auto industry is scrambling to fortify


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Vitaly Ogvozdin

Relationship of business and quality

Vitaly Ogvozdin

Model of quality assurance

Vitaly Ogvozdin

Drawing: Process of company-wide quality control