Charging for Supplier Audits

I am currently attempting to schedule an Audit for one of our critical suppliers per our QMS procedures. This particular supplier is indicating they will charge us an "On Site Audit Service Fee". $6800 minimum ($6000/auditor + $800 admin fee). I have conducted suppler audits for years and never came across a fee-to-audit program. Have others come across this? And, how have you handled this scenario. Thanks in advance for any insight and feedback. 
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10-17-2017 18:15

I believe a review of the contract with the supplier should be conducted.  Is access for audits required as part of the contract?

You might see whether another organization has audited them, and whether their audit findings can be shared.

You might also request that the supplier document the rationale for the fees, and/or explain to them that dealing with visits from customers (whether for an audit for negotiating a contract) is part of the cost of doing business.

Also, why is the audit being done?  Has the supplier not performed according to contract?  You might consider charging them for sub-performance.