• PAR Innovation Intent to Apply

    Does your Member Unit have an innovative idea?  We invite you to submit a simple form outlining your intent to apply for recognition in 2017 (to be announced at WCQI in 2018). It should take only a few minutes to complete and gives the PAR committee an idea of the kind of innovation already in your 2017 plans.
    There are 7 categories from which to choose:

    Training and Education
    Community Outreach
    Knowledge and Information
    Leadership development 

    Follow the link below to access the Intent to Apply form. This form is important for committee planning purposes but does not obligate you to complete the formal application due later in 2017.

  • ASQ's Emerging Quality Leaders Program

    Apply for ASQ’s Emerging Quality Leaders Program! This program prepares highly talented mid-level management for high impact leadership. Learn through round tables, executive presentations, and Fortune 500 bench marking visits.  The 2017-2018 program includes visits to ASQ Headquarters, IBM Watson, Toyota, Siemens, and WCQI. Apply by May 1, for the 2017-18 program.