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  • Welcome to ASQ's Emerging Quality Leaders Program Online Community

    As a participant in the Emerging Quality Leaders Program, you are invited to join an online community that is exclusively for the use of the 2016-2017 cohort. This forum will be used to virtually connect all members of the program by providing a private space to share discussions, post questions, offer feedback, exchange contact information, access presentations, and much more.

  • Summer Months, 2017

    The next meeting is the evening of September 20th which will be a plant tour at Micropump, Vancouver. Enjoy the summer months of July and August and we will see you then!

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  • hello ASQ community, I found an ambiguity in the question and answer from CSSGB Study Guide In Part III: Measure Phase (Section E: Measurement and analysis (MSA)), Question no. 78 - Which of the following is a measurement system analysis (MSA) term ...

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    Mentor Program

    I have found mentor programs to be great at not only reducing negative turnover, but also creating a "safe-haven" for associates to discuss quality issues and corrective actions. I am looking to design my own and was wondering if anyone has an example ...

  • In supply chain management, there are many people involved like supplier, manufacturer, distributer, retailer and customer, which become a very big network. Is it possible to implement the lean sigma tools in supply chain management

  • Hello, I have read in an article that ISO 9001 standards will be revised for every five years and were last revised in 2015. There may be lots of new changes to the standards which all the organizations need to meet in order to get ISO certified. So ...

  • Announcing an ASQ Canada quality conference in Ottawa, ON, Canada from Sept. 25-26, 2017 Featuring speakers/seminars from the pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare sectors. Please check out the website: Thank you, ...

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