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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is aimed at those new to the world of Six Sigma who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. Yellow belts can be entry level employees that seek to improve their world or executive... more

The changing face of Associations

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  1. Geetha Balagopal
    Geetha Balagopal

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    Luis Monroy

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  3. Soumyakant Padhee
    Soumyakant Padhee

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  4. Cynthia Nazario
    Cynthia Nazario

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    Nathan Abar

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In the Know


  • Markus McDonell

    9001 & 14000 audits

    Posted in: Certification Dis...

    Can a interanl auditor audit both 9001 & 14000? When my registrar is concerned they need to be certified in both.

  • Steven Prevette

    RE: How to Quantify Cost of Good/Poor Quality in...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    You may need to consider the rework costs prior to sale of the vehicle, warranty costs after sale of the vehicle, and then there are issues like GM is facing over the ignition switch issue with legal costs, lawsuit damages, and damage to reputation.

  • Evan Dlugopolski

    RE: How to Quantify Cost of Good/Poor Quality in...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Typical Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) metrics would work in this situation. As for doing it for one unit there is no difference between doing it for one unit or the entire company. You still consider all of the same factors from the classic COPQ...


Leaders' Details Leaked In E-Mail Error

Copyright 2015 The Press Association Limited. All Rights Reserved. The personal details of world leaders such as U.S. president Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, including passport numbers and visa details, were accidentally leaked to the organizers of a football tournament last year. The breach, which came during the G20 Summit in Australia last year, included data from 31 world leaders being sent to the wrong person by the Australian Department of Immigration. The leaders affected—who

Camera Sensor Could Stop Speeding Fines

Copyright 2015 Localworld All Rights Reserved The days of drivers breaking the speed limit could be numbered - if a device making its debut in the new Ford S-Max catches on.

The Intelligent Speed Limiter is activated by the driver using controls on the steering wheel, allowing them to set a maximum speed.

Although there is nothing new in having a speed limiter, this new system goes one vital step further and 'reads' the

The Disturbing Truth Behind the Premera, Anthem Attacks

Copyright 2015 Questex Media Group LLC All Rights Reserved

Premera, knew three weeks prior to the initial penetration of its systems in May 2014 that network security issues loomed large. A report sent by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Office of Inspector General detailed several vulnerabilities, including a lack of timely patch implementations and insecure server configurations.

The findings were so bad, they prompted OPM to warn Premera, "failure to promptly install important


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photo not available

Currently Partnering with a "Top 5 Global Paper Industry", Seeking Excellent Quality Managers in Mt.Olive...

Jack Bogle

The ABCI Consultants Excel sheet calculates shipping and determines Early, On-time and Late shipments....

Jack Bogle

QMSCAPA™ stands for Quality Management System, Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA). However,...