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  • Researchers are looking at advanced materials for roads and pavements that could generate electricity from passing traffic. Engineers from Lancaster University are working on smart materials such as “piezolectric” ceramics that, when embedded in road surfaces, would be able to harvest and convert vehicle vibration into electrical energy. The research project, led by Professor Mohamed Saafi, will design and optimize energy recovery of around one to two Megawatts per kilometer under “normal” traffic volumes—which is around 2,000
  • The need to protect patient information from unauthorized disclosure is nothing new for healthcare providers. However, healthcare providers cannot adequately protect the security and integrity of their patients’ information if they do not first know what threats they face. A string of recent enforcement actions and corresponding high-dollar settlements with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) demonstrates that the agency takes threat identification and prevention seriously. Accordingly, covered entities

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