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  • Three Square Food Bank Partnership-Donate and Feed the Hungry

    ASQLV has partnered with Three Square Food Bank and is sponsoring a virtual food drive again this year. Each dollar donated provides three (3) much-needed meals.  Our fundraising goal is $1,000 (3,000 meals!) by April 30, 2018.  Please take this opportunity ... more

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  • A new technique to 3-D print metals, involving a widely used stainless steel has been shown to achieve exceptional levels of strength and ductility when compared to counterparts from more conventional processes. The findings outline how a joint research team from the University of Birmingham, UK, Stockholm University, Sweden and Zhejiang University, China were able to optimize the process parameters during 3-D printing to achieve the results. The research is contrary to the skepticism around the ability
  • As Brexit negotiators get ready to talk trade, the UK’s automotive sector highlights just why a transition deal is needed With talks in Brussels finally moving on to what our future trading relationship will look like with the European Union, businesses can now have greater confidence that the UK can get a good deal. But there are no guarantees—and the devil is in the detail. Brexit uncertainty has already caused 40% of firms to delay or cancel

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