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  • Welcome to ASQ's Emerging Quality Leaders Program Online Community

    As a participant in the Emerging Quality Leaders Program, you are invited to join an online community that is exclusively for the use of the 2016-2017 cohort. This forum will be used to virtually connect all members of the program by providing a private ... more

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  • In today’s U.S. shale fields, tiny sensors attached to production gear harvest data on everything from pumping pressure to the heat and rotational speed of drill bits boring into the rocky earth. The sensors are leading Big Oil’s mining of so-called big data, with some firms envisioning billions of dollars in savings over time by avoiding outages, managing supplies and identifying safety hazards. The industry has long used sophisticated technologies to find oil and gas. But only
  • Apple has underlined its virtual and augmented reality ambitions with the purchase of German technology firm SensoMotoric Instruments, German press agency DPA reported Tuesday. SensoMotoric instruments, which is based in Teltow near Berlin, specializes in eye tracking systems. Amongst others, such technology can be used for virtual reality glasses where eye movement is monitored by small cameras. There are many potential benefits to SensoMotoric’s systems for hard- and software developers. One the one hand, eye tracking allows for

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