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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt Redesign

ASQ strives to continuously improve its products and services by acting on customer and member feedback—a recent example being the redesign of ASQ’s Lean Six Sigma program. The overall design of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training... more

Latest Blog from Bill Troy, ASQ CEO

Read Bill's latest blog "Do You Have a Clear Vision" in A View from the Q. more


  1. Nidia Noel
    Nidia Noel

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  2. Luis Negron Naldos
    Luis Negron Naldos

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  3. David Harry
    David Harry

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  4. Erik Farfan De La Vega
  5. Jose Cruzado Moreno

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    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    If the team can understand why quality matters, they are more likely to be passionate about it. For example I work for a company that manufactures less than lethal munitions, pepper spray and tear gas for the military and law enforcement entities....

  • Curt Olden

    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    It is my opinion that the "one best thing" is somewhat ineffective without the other parts in play. I agree that prevention is likely the most effective strategy to overcome shortfalls in product quality; however prevention has many more contributing...

  • photo not available

    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Very good. I would advise to bow your head and pray..... Seriously, I would agree in teaching and knowledge base. I would add that auditing, that the process that are in place are followed. To often short cuts are taken, leading to mistakes....


VA Whistleblowers Promised Protection

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved The national scandal involving long wait times for veterans seeking medical care has brought renewed attention to government whistleblowers and whether they should be considered heroes or villains. President Barack Obama on Tuesday lauded Veterans Affairs (VA) employees who turned in coworkers for trying to cover up the poor treatment of veterans. "If you blow the whistle on higher-ups because you've identified a legitimate problem, you shouldn't be punished,

Exploring Not-So-Final Frontier in Healthcare

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved XPrize finalists' devices are inspired by 'Trek' tricorders Decades after the medical crew aboard the USS Enterprise first used a "tricorder" to scan patients for ailments and anomalies, real world science is working to catch up. Wednesday, 10 teams were named finalists in a $10 million-prize competition to create a lightweight, portable, wireless device that can diagnose and monitor several medical conditions—from anemia to HIV to stroke.

Ebola Vaccine Trial to Begin Next Week

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved 20 healthy people will participate in first human test U.S. health officials announced that the first human trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine will start next week and that trials of other vaccines will follow close on its heels. The vaccine trial will involve 20 healthy volunteers at the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., with results expected by the end of the


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Results of the 2013 survey for each division and section.

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Method of Identifying Latent Human Errors

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