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2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

Join us in Dallas, May 5-7 for ASQ's 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement. Our theme this year is The Global Impact of Quality. more

New ASQ TV episode focuses on Innovation and Quality

This episode focuses on innovation: what innovation is and the role it plays in quality. Also, learn about an organization in India that used an innovative management model to turn a failing business unit around. more


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  • Gary Beckemeyer

    RE:How much did poor quality management contribute...

    Posted in: Risk Management

    I would say both Risk Management and Quality Management are the same thing. Or at least treated the same way. Risk Management is an issue for the producer and Quality Management is an issue for the consumer. Both led to same result, both producer and...

  • photo not available

    How much did poor quality management contribute...

    Posted in: Risk Management

    Here we are almost seven years after the financial crisis and there are still lawsuits being filed and losses being taken because of actions taken by bankers during the go go 2000's. Most of these took place in spite of the robust enterprise risk...

  • photo not available

    RE:Extraordinary Quality Initatives

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    I would increase your level of auditing. evaluate where higher risks could occur, based on people and processes and adjust your audit program accordingly. You may have to decide what can really wait to be done--or what tasks really need to...


Quality Is Key In Healthcare

Central to the case study is the issue of standards and quality of service. Many of us have encountered a system that is not responsive enough to the medical but also non-medical needs of a patient even in some of the best hospitals. Often, there are reports of insufficient quality of care—of appointments delayed or missed and laxity in care and treatment, inefficiencies and lack of coordination, and of over-reliance on diagnostics and their excessive

Push on to Rate Doctor Quality

The government's unprecedented release of information about Medicare payments to doctors last week drew national attention, particularly spotlighting individual physicians who collected millions of dollars for treating Medicare patients in 2012. One Milwaukee eye doctor received more than $8.6 million in Medicare payments, by far the most received by an individual doctor in Wisconsin that year. A Florida doctor topped them all, receiving $20.8 million. But the information, which disclosed the total amounts of Medicare payments made

Research Would Prevent Drivers From Falling Asleep at Wheel

Suppose you have a sleeping disorder that results in driving drowsy - wouldn't it be nice if a device could alert you before you crash? Jonathan Waxman is working on that. The M.D./Ph.D. candidate has been in the lab studying the effects of sleep deprivation on driving behavior, and what to do about it. "If you suffer from sleep apnea, during the day you're likely to fall asleep and have cognitive deficits and memory problems," Waxman said.


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Jack Bogle

Free CAPA Software Tools

Posted in: Ask A Quality Professional

I am pleased to share QMSCAPA v1.6.745. The following list summarizes accumulated improvements and...

Motselisi Mosiana

I have attached how I have defined and scope the project and also provided historical data

Motselisi Mosiana

I have attached how I have defined and scope the project and also provided historical data