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Celebrate World Quality Month

What is going on during World Quality Month (WQM)? ASQ put together a Celebration Guide to help those looking for different ways of celebrating World Quality Mont more



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  • Gary Beckemeyer

    RE: Controlled???

    Posted in: Quality Standards...

    Short answer, YES this should be considered a controlled document. This document is stating company "Attendance Policy". To protect both parties (company and employees) from abuse it should be controlled. Who Controls this document: HR Department When...

  • photo not available

    RE: Mind Mapping Tools

    Posted in: Continuous Improvement...

    I've used MindManager and Visio primarily. I've found MindManager is better for putting thoughts down quickly, and organizing them is quite clean. However, if you want to further develop, report them in PPT or other means, or otherwise build task...

  • Markus McDonell


    Posted in: Quality Standards...

    Please weigh in on if this document would need to be controlled? And as you can see this would apply to almost any HR procedure!


What's Fishy About Your Shrimp?

Copyright 2014 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it and saute it, but one of America's favorite seafoods—the humble shrimp—might not be what you think it is. Ocean conservation group Oceana released a study today showing that 30% of sold shrimp products are misrepresented, with 15% of the tested shrimp being straight-up mislabeled in production method (wild-caught vs. farm-raised) or species type. Oceana outlined the misrepresentation as

U.S. Regulators Demand Takata Documents on Air Bags

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Government regulators issued a special order Thursday demanding a cascade of documents from Takata as part of a federal investigation into what has caused air bags made by the company to kill or injure passengers when they deployed in car crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) demand for documents comes the same week as the agency urged Takata, which is based in Japan, to speed

Honda Struggles With Imperfect Fit

'Un-Honda-like' problems plague new plant in Mexico Copyright 2014 Crain Communications All Rights Reserved Honda Motor Co.'s journey into Mexico has left it with a bout of indigestion. The automaker's new $800 million plant in Celaya, about 160 miles northwest of Mexico City, has been struggling to meet demand amid problems caused by a green labor force, language barriers and a rail system prone to delays and occasional thefts, according to dealers who have discussed the


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Markus McDonell


Posted in: Quality Standards (ISO 9000...

photo not available


Posted in: Ask A Quality Professional

FMEA binary and non-binary.

photo not available

“In connection with the next re-publication of ISO 9001 standard I would like to offer my proposals...