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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt Redesign

ASQ strives to continuously improve its products and services by acting on customer and member feedback—a recent example being the redesign of ASQ’s Lean Six Sigma program. The overall design of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training... more

Latest Blog from Bill Troy, ASQ CEO

Read Bill's latest blog "Do You Have a Clear Vision" in A View from the Q. more


  1. Luis Negron Naldos
    Luis Negron Naldos

    127 Points

  2. David Harry
    David Harry

    106 Points

  3. Erik Farfan De La Vega
  4. Jose Cruzado Moreno
  5. Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller

    38 Points

In the Know


  • Gary Beckemeyer

    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    I started to write my answer to this question two or three times. Each time I did the longer the answer became. I think I finally have it down. Management or lack of it, is the key. So far everyone that has been written is correct, Proper and on...

  • Jennifer Miller

    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    If the team can understand why quality matters, they are more likely to be passionate about it. For example I work for a company that manufactures less than lethal munitions, pepper spray and tear gas for the military and law enforcement entities....

  • Curt Olden

    RE: Do you have an opinion? Solving cost of poor...

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    It is my opinion that the "one best thing" is somewhat ineffective without the other parts in play. I agree that prevention is likely the most effective strategy to overcome shortfalls in product quality; however prevention has many more contributing...


Ohio Business Support Common Core Standards

Copyright 2014 The Columbus Dispatch All Rights Reserved Following educators and school officials, the state's business community stepped up yesterday to explain to lawmakers why Ohio should continue to support Common Core education standards. The No. 1 issue that business owners raise is workforce quality, said Michael Hartley of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. "Turning back on a set of standards that have been benchmarked with the best of the best would not only be detrimental for

Kraft Orders Limited Recall of American Cheese

Copyright 2014 Gannett Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved Kraft Foods Group has announced a recall of 7,691 cases of its popular single-slice American cheese. The food giant says it is ordering the recall of select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product after discovering a supplier apparently did not store an ingredient at the correct temperature. As a result, it says, some of the cheese could have spoiled and could cause illness. The recall

EPA Staff Suggests Tighter Smog Rules

Copyright 2014 Spokane Spokesman-Review Committee: Ozone is harmful at lower levels than thought The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff said Friday that the nation should tighten smog rules significantly, a step that would improve air quality but force costly new requirements on government and industry. The EPA staff recommendation is the final step before the rule goes to the agency's leadership and the White House. As a result of lawsuits by environmental and health groups,


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Results of the 2013 survey for each division and section.

M Somanathan

Method of Identifying Latent Human Errors

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Society for Aerospace Quality & Reliability-Quarterly Newsletter-June 2014