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  • ASQ to Launch New Online Community Platform

    Later this month, ASQ will launch an exciting new community platform, replacing this current system while continuing to support you as quality practitioners and professionals in your knowledge and use of quality.  myASQ will serve as a centralized ... more

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  • By S.C. Stuart At UCLA’s Molecular Biology Institute, we met synthetic biology students who work with DNA’s four nucleotide bases just as computer programmers manipulate code. As soon as DNA was sequenced, it was just a matter of time before scientists started rearranging the genetic code to build synthetic lifeforms. These genetically engineered machines (GEMs) can become anything from cells transformed into biofuel to synthetic drugs. In this emerging field, synthetic biologists work with DNA’s four nucleotide bases
  • By Marco della Cava On a busy stretch of highway somewhere, a driver is gazing out the window, hands on her lap, feet off the pedals. Such driver-assisted motoring, a midpoint on the journey to fully self-driving cars, uses radar and cameras to help a car steer, brake and even change lanes. As such features emerge in less-expensive cars, a vexing question looms: Automakers from Tesla to Nissan caution that their tech must be monitored, but

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