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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is aimed at those new to the world of Six Sigma who have a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge. Yellow belts can be entry level employees that seek to improve their world or executive... more

The changing face of Associations

Read Bill Troy's new blog in more


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    Marita Hartford

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    Lauren McCool

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    Justice Simpson

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    Georgios Zampetas

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  • Beverly Daniels

    RE: Pareto Analysis

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    the number isn't as important as the representativeness...I would track several weeks and ensure that you don't have a unique event / rare re-occurrence event (like a flood or ice storm) that disproportionally raises a causal count. Don't wait too...

  • John Shutze

    Pareto Analysis

    Posted in: Ask A Quality Pro...

    Hello, Is there a recommended minimum number of data points for performing a Pareto analysis? I'm working on a healthcare-related project in a small clinic analyzing reasons for missed appointments for a new service we are offering. It's typical...

  • Wilmi Vizcaino

    RE: How do you feel for the upcoming CQE exam (...

    Posted in: Achieving Certifi...

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing you notes, this is a very interesting compilation.


Deadly Bug in Nearly 75% of U.K. Supermarket Chickens

Food Standards Agency putting pressure on supermarkets after year-long study found major retailers failing to reduce rates of campylobacter Copyright 2015 Trinity Mirror All Rights Reserved The contamination of nearly three-quarters of supermarket chickens with a potentially deadly bug is now the biggest food safety concern in the United Kingdom, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said. The watchdog said it was putting pressure on supermarkets to take action after a year-long study found all the major retailers failed

Reports Suggest America's Youth Skills Development at Back of the Pack

Copyright 2015 U.S. News & World Report All Rights Reserved International studies have found U.S. youths are well below average for numerical and cognitive skills. A crowd gathered around software developers Kaitlyn Tep and Deanna Skrivanek last week at Capital One's McLean, Virginia, headquarters. The two were among a few dozen app builders showing off the fruits of their labor -- unique tablet applications built using MIT's App Inventor program. Tep and Skrivanek, along with the rest of the

Cyber Criminals Widen Scope of Industries to Attack

Retail, healthcare prime targets but others vulnerable Copyright 2015 Crain Communications All Rights Reserved The health care and retail sectors, among others, will continue to be primary targets for cyber hackers for the foreseeable future. But, hackers will also expand their efforts to attack all sorts of companies, say experts, who point to smaller companies, especially those that serve as vendors to larger firms, as particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, despite companies' best practices, their efforts are generally defensive, as creative


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Stephanie Thompson

CQE Questions and questions turned into notes... may be helpful in the statistics portion! Good...

Shelly Ogiste