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  • World Metrology Day 2018

    Currently in the process to arrange for world metrology  day for 2018 in California. Looking to see how many ASQ members would attend and how far would you be willing to travel. As time progresses, I will continue to keep everyone informed. more

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  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science issued the following news release: In a pilot study in humans, 10 patients with highly malignant glioblastoma brain tumors received a treatment regimen called CAR T cell therapy that reengineers people’s own immune cells to recognize cancer-specific proteins. The findings, published July 19 in Science Translational Medicine , could eventually expand the use of CAR T cell-based regimens beyond blood-based cancers like leukemia to solid tumors. “I am firmly convinced
  • The LG Q6, due out next month starting in Asia, will have onboard facial recognition technology for unlocking the smartphone, a feature that has been questioned by some tech buffs. South Korean smartphone maker LG has chosen to equip its upcoming handset, the Q6—due to sell for about $370 according to Korean media—with various specs previously reserved for top-of-the-range models. As well as its borderless display, the Q6—which launches in August in Asia, followed by a

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