Hatem Hafsa

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Hatem Hafsa


Actual position
QMS S.a.r.l., Tunisia, Technical Manger & partner consultant
QHSE External Lead assessor: JQA, ICIM Italy, SAI GLOBAL Italia, DQS-UL Germany, CERTO TUNISIE a Sai Global Company, DQS Maghreb Tunisia, Group AFNOR, all of them, IAF accredited certification body

Curriculum vitae
1991, Quality management consultant
1994, AICQ-EOQ membership
1997, EOQ Quality management consultant
1996, AICQ-EOQ, ISO 9000 Certified Quality management consultant
1997, AICQ-EOQ Certified Lead Auditor
2006, ISO TS Certified IATF Lead Auditor
2006, Integrated systems management Quality Health, safety and environment
2008, ASQ membership,
2009 ASQ Senior member
2009, 6 ASQ SSCBB
2010, Environment Lead auditor ISO 14001
2011, IAQG: EN9100 ASD Aerospace & defence Lead auditor
2015, IAQG: EN9110&9120 ASD Aerospace & defence Lead auditor

1994, AICQ: Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità
1994, EOQ: European Organization for Quality
2006, IATF: International Automotive Task Force
2011, IAQG: ASD Aerospace & defence

Type of Business:
Different sectors: mechanical, electromechanical, electronics, water treatment, ITL, Banking, sanitary, aerospace, industrial equipments, petroleum and gas, machining and tooling marketing, industrial marketing, services

Technical Background:
1988, Master in applied mathematics – Paris, France
1992, Engineering in industrial technology - Milan, Italy
1995, ISO 9000 Audit training - Milan, Italy
2005, SAI GLOBALTunisia (Certo Tunisie) Founder & stakeholder
2006, ISO TS 16949 IATF third part Audit training - Turin, Italy
2008, 6 Sigma black belt ASQ training, Orlando, FL
2010, Environment Lead auditor ISO 14001, DQS-UL training
2011, HSE Lead auditor OHSA 18001, Afnor
2011, EN 9100 AATT third part Audit training Eurosymbiose - France
2012 Master Black Belt position in QMS SARL, North Africa
2015, EN 9110/EN9120 AATT third part Audit training - France & Italy

Specialties: Integrated systems management Quality Health, security and environment
Six sigma & Lean Six Sigma
Process engineering
Management & process Auditing
iGrafix Enterprise Modeler & Process for six sigma solution expert
Minitab & Companion expert