CSSGB Study Guide mcq answer not correct

hello ASQ community,

I found an ambiguity in the question and answer from CSSGB Study Guide

In Part III: Measure Phase (Section E: Measurement and analysis (MSA)),
Question no. 78 - Which of the following is a measurement system analysis (MSA) term for variation in measurement when measured by two or more appraisers multiple times?
a. Calibration
b. Stability
c. Repeatability
d. Reproducibility

Correct Answer is d but answer given on page 63 is c

Kindly confirm if such mistakes are not made when checking our exams.

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Mustafa Pasha



10-17-2017 18:17

Actual exam questions are validated before use.  Also, if a lot of people miss the same question it is likely to be thrown out.

08-03-2017 20:04

Hi Mustafa, Your understanding is correct. Authors of this ASQ material are correcting this typo in the next reprint. Thanks, Govind.

06-19-2017 20:54

Hi Mustafa

I've been thinking about this and I think the problem is we've both focused on the wrong detail in the question.

The key here is that the question mentions the measurement being done multiple times by each person.  The multiple measurements indicates that it is repeatability.  The fact that there are multiple people doing the measurements is extra information that in this case isn't relevant to the answer.

I can't say I'm a fan of how this question is worded but without this wording the answer would be fairly obvious.

Best wishes

06-06-2017 03:09

Hello Claire,

Yes I know the answer is D, i  was the stating that the answer given in the Study Guide is C which can be very misleading


06-06-2017 02:59

Hi Mustafa

Repeatability is where one person gets the same (or very similar) result each time when repeating a single measurement multiple times.

Reproducibility is where multiple people get the same (or very similar) result each time when repeating a single measurement.

This means that D is the correct answer.  I recommend re-reading the section you've refereed to and checking the number of people involved in the passage you're thinking of, I think you'll find it specifies one operator (repeatability) where this question involves multiple people (reproducibility).

Best wishes,
Claire Everett