Faith on Our Society


My wife and I were among the victims of Hurricane Harvey after our house was flooded. In the suffering, we have seen so many people stretched out their hands to help. A group of volunteers from the SUNRISE club came to our house, to cut off the lower part of the sheetrock walls on the first floor. People from all places brought food and other necessities to every damaged house. My neighbors opened up their doors to take us in. My colleagues offered help to clean up the mess.

Businesses demonstrated their good wills as well. Air Canada rescheduled our flight twice without charge when we stuck in Canada, and the rental car company did not charge a higher rate for the extra days. Parking Spot in Houston Airport canceled the fees on the delayed days. My company, Hexion, provided us with associate assistance so we can stay in hotels when my house was uninhabitable.

This experience reconfirm the kind and companionate nature of most people that does not change with time and that is what our country is built on. If you have been discouraged by the political turmoil happening in Washington, if you are scared by the resurface of racism and neo-Nazism, if you have doubted whether this is still a country that you used to know and love, Harvey gave us an opportunity to restore our faith in our nation and in our society.

Yes, our union is not perfect, far from it. Yes, there are flaws in our society. But through darkness we see brightness, as what is said in Leonard Cohen’s song, “Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”.

 The Volunteers from the SUNRISE Club and

The Volunteers from the SUNRISE Club and us.