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Mr Barrett Craner


Former Vice President, Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs, Stellartech Research Corp., a company focusing on contract design, development, manufacturing and servicing of medical devices (ret.).
- Education/Certifications: Fellow of the American Society for Quality, and is RAC (RAPS), holds two masters degrees, four certifications from ASQ, and served on the White-House Council on Y2K (Medical Devices).
- Management: For the past ~40 years has managed engineers and scientists in a variety of disciplines
- Publications: Delivered more than 50 papers and seminars to a wide variety of audiences and locales in areas of science, quality assurance, and regulatory issues, and has various trade journal, proceedings, and symposia publications.
- Professional Activities: Active in the ASQ Biomedical Division, Chair (2007-2008), three times Chair of the ASQ Northern California Biomedical Discussion Group (SF Bay Area) (2005 and 2014) and on the Advisory Board for the California State University Dominguez Hills Masters in Science Quality Assurance Program, and serving as Professor (Adjunct). He currently teaches several classes in FDA-Regulated disciplines: Risk Management, Design Control, and Auditing. Barry has also performed many 1st, 2nd and third party audits of medical device firms and suppliers.