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Ms Barrie Simpson


With 15+ years leading a diversity of teams (global/remote/matrix-ed/cross functional) through multiple mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, I've developed a tool box of skills, talents and experiences to help organizations define and create customer-centric management systems that bring people, knowledge content, processes and technology together to more efficiently achieve organization objectives and improve the customer experience. I love to get in and understand the big picture, build trust between diverse groups and, unleash the power of a team to solve issues at hand. I believe in creating change one step at a time, with simple, quick wins that teams embrace, own and are proud of. My ultimate goal is to ensure effective teamwork focused on the right things that customers/clients value and reward!. And most importantly, to build a culture of trust and accountability so we can go on and do great things together! And I love it where we can apply technology pragmatically to make our jobs easier! If you're ready to take your business/organization to the next level, and you are committed to creating a culture of excellence that wows your customers, retains your best employees and is profitable, let's talk about how we can work together and develop the right business management system to achieve your goals.